Cervantes, Leo.

More than a century of the chicano movement.

First edition. 2004.
142 pages.

To Know More Series # 5. ISBN: 1-931139-07-5

There has been an extensive amount of writing about the Mexicano/Chicano in the past few decades, much of it positive, like the works of George I. Sánchez, Rudy Acuña, Julián Nava and others. There has also been a great deal of negative writing, such as that of Arthur J. Rubel, William Madsen, Celia Heller, Nancy L. Gonzáles, et. al. But, little by little, a more complete scenario of the Chicano condition has come into focus as more and more data is revealed through the works of people like Richard Hofstadter, Fredrick Merk, Cecil Robinson, et. al, who have revealed the Anglo designs on our people. And our writers, Rudy Acuña, Mario Barrera, Juan Gómez-Quiñones, Armando Gutiérrez, Marta Cotera, Betita Martínez, Enriqueta Vázquez, and many others too numerous to mention. We also need to recognize the efforts of Reies López Tijerina, Rodolfo González, César Chávez and José Angel Gutiérrez.

They have increased our stature as a people, and have let the nation, the rest of América Latina, and the world know about us, our people, our plight and our struggles, and have brought us together with the rest of our people América Latina and the rest of the Hispanic world. Leo Cervantes, in this investigation, concentrates upon the movements and their leaders; once mass is in flight or headed in a certain direction, it is extremely difficult to stop or redirect, and it seems that the Chicano/Mexicano mass has been picking up thrust in the direction of autonomy and unity, beginning with Juan Nepomuceno Cortina, down through the Movimiento de la Gente, which put into a cohesive form some of the independent autonomist thinking of the Partido de la Raza Unida with the Plan Espiritual de Aztlán; and the Centro de Acción Social Autónomo, which drove home the point of our Mexican roots, and the secessionist tendencies of the major groups in the Chicano Movement : the Partido de la Raza Unida, the Coalition of Independents of Mario Cantu's PPUA, Chicanos Unidos of El Paso, the Chicano Rights Organization of San Diego, California, Bert Corona, CASA, other California independents, the Crusade for Justice, and the Chicano Community Centers, organized by Ernesto Chacón. Leo attempts to delineate here the major points of the secession question brought forth by the groups and Movements, which are studied in this analysis.

About the Author:
Dr. Leo Cervantes (Las Vegas, Nuevo Mexico) holds doctoral and master degrees in Spanish literature from the University of New Mexico at Alburquerque and New Mexico State University at Las Cruces. He has also holds master degree in Pastoral Theology from Rome Italy, and is author of Los Alabados, Las Marías de México y otras vírgenes y santas and Bilingual Dictionary of Biological Terms. Presently he lives in Phoenix, Arizona where, as a writer, social activist, and full time professor, he contributes toward increasing the knowledge base and sensitivity of the Hispanic community and its bilingual students. He teaches at Maya High School.

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