Cervantes, Leo

Bilingual dictionary of biological term s/Diccionario bilingüe de términos biológicos

First Edition. September 2002. 104 pages.
To Know More Series #1.
ISBN: 1-931139-09-1

Many different types of Spanish to English, English to Spanish dictionaries are available. Some of these are general in nature, whereas others are intended for scientific fields such as chemistry, engineering and medicine. The biological terms found in such dictionaries are usually general terms used in everyday conversation, or specific terms related to fields other than biology. No known texts of specific biological equivalents and that have a scientific orientation have been published to date. And this is the main contribution of doctor Leo Cervantes’ Bilingual dictionary of biological terms, his third work published by Editorial Orbis Press, which begins the Saber mas’ Series (To Know More Series). Unlike a typical dictionary, which provides definitions, this work presents equivalents of biological terms, Spanish-English and vice versa. Scientists, teachers, first and second year college students, and high school students who are familiar with the words of one language but not with the other can all benefit from it. This manual is written to address a need felt by biology students as well as research personnel in their pursuit of reference material written in either Spanish or English.

Dr. Leo Cervantes (Las Vegas, Nuevo Mexico) holds doctoral and master degrees in Spanish literature from the University of New Mexico at Alburquerque and New Mexico State University at Las Cruces. He has also performed literary studies of the pastoral genre in Rome, Italy and is author of Los Alabados, and Las Marías de México y otras vírgenes y santas. Presently he lives in Phoenix, Arizona where, as a writer, social worker and full time professor, he contributes toward increasing the knowledge base and sensitivity of the Hispanic community and its bilingual students. He teaches at, and creates scientific and humanistic plans of study for Maya High School, an institution that belongs to the prestigious educational organization The Leona Group.


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